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Just Chips is a Dutch style chip shop based near the Bristol Hippodrome. But how did it all start and what are 'Dutch style' chips? How are they made? Read all about the double cooked deliciousness here!

How it all began

After a trip to Amsterdam, three successful fish and chip shop owners, George, Harry and Chris, decided to bring traditional Dutch style chips (or Friet & Mayo as they are known in Holland) back to the UK. They knew these chips would be a winner in the UK with customers, as the chips are totally different to any chips currently available as fast food. There are two things that differentiate Dutch style chips from your average fish and chip shop chips; first the chips are cooked to crispy outer perfection with a fluffy soft inside and secondly they are smothered with specialist Dutch sauces!

The trio soon realised that part of the 'magic recipe' was using a high Oleic sunflower oil and keeping this oil as clear and pure as possible. High oleic oil is high in unsaturated fat, low in saturated fat, and has no trans fat. It actually lowers LDL cholesterol (known to cause cardiac diseases) making it a healthier choice.

Chris, Harry and George realised this concept was suitable for vegetarians, vegans, celiacs and gluten free diets. They spent months looking for a shop before finally finding their current premises next to the Hippodrome in Bristol as the perfect location. Now all they had to do was come up with a name........


A lot of love, care and specialist knowledge goes into creating our delicious cones of joy. Of course, we double cook them, but there's much more to turning a humble spud into a mouthwatering meal. Here's how we do it...........

spud selection

Only the very best potatoes go into making our chips. We choose our potatoes on a weekly basis and source from a number of different suppliers. The potatoes are batch tested and we look for a certain sugar level which instantly crisps the outer shell trapping the moisture inside the chip and results in a golden blonde chip that is fluffy on the inside. Once we've found the perfect spuds, they are stored slightly above 8 degrees in a dry, dark place.

double cooked deliciousness

We carefully check our spuds after tumbling and after hand chipping to ensure no eyes, skin or blemishes remain. We press fresh every day! We don't freeze, chill or store our spuds once they have been peeled for any longer than required for proper drying. 

This is where the magic really starts, with the double cooking process. Our chips are first blanched for a very precise duration (timed to the second) at a set temperature. We use a specialist fryer with a ventilated 'resting' shelf. Once blanched, the chips are left to cool and drain of oil completely for a minimum of 15 minutes. When you visit our shop, you'll see we always have chips resting on the cooling shelf awaiting their second fry, because the longer they rest, the better the final product! This final stage is what gives our fries the crunchy golden shells and further fluffs the inside to give our chips their signature taste. Your order is finished by tossing the chip portion in salt and layering into a cone with traditional dutch sauces. This is where we hand the creativity over to you; go mad with a sizzling hot samurai sauce, indulge in a nip of whiskey flavour, smother with garlic mayo or add chopped onions and cheese.......the choices are endless and indulgently delicious!

Don't just take our word for it that our chips are the best chips in Bristol (and possibly the best forking chips on the planet) what our customers say here!